Monday, March 21, 2011

One Kooky Day

Today, Jim was supposed to have an eye appointment at the VA to get new glasses. So, we all packed into the car at 9 this morning and drove to the VA Medical Center in Bath, NY. I dropped him off and went to the huge Salvation Army store in Bath. I love that store! I got several shirts for me, a pair of pants for me, a pair of pants for Jacob, and several t-shirts for Noah, all for under $25! Then, we ate the M&Ms that we got BOGO at Rite Aid and went to pick up Jim. He was waiting out in front of the building, so I apologized for being late. He said, "Oh, the appointment wasn't for here, it was in Buffalo." Oh. My. God!

He was told a while ago that he isn't even supposed to go to Buffalo anymore because Bath is closer. In addition, his eye appointments have always been in Bath. So, the woman at the desk says, "Would you like to make an appointment here?" Jim replied, "Well, since my glasses have been broken for a month, and I was really eager to have this appointment so that I could get some new glasses, yes, I would like to make an appointment for here." We are going back on Thursday.

I just did some general, normal housekeeping things when we got home. I made the worst loaf of pumpkin bread I have ever made in my life today, too. It wasn't baked all the way through - I think that's why God invented toothpicks. I normally test it, but I just didn't this time, so it's really bad. I might just feed it to the chickens.

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