Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Baa-aaa-ck!

At least I hope I am. My life has been kind of crazy, but not so crazy at the same time. Mostly, I just keep my head down and keep my shoulder to the grindstone. Since I last wrote, a lot of crappy things have happened. On September 12, my beloved mother-in-law passed away very suddenly - while I was on the phone with her. Seriously. It was horrible, and the aftermath was stressful and ugly, but has since calmed down. Then, on September 18, my beloved dog, Darkside, walked out of my life. Literally. The dog we kept in the sheep barn got loose and he and Darkside left to do whatever it is dogs do. September was not a good month, to say the very least.

The holidays were stressful and completely unfun. I couldn't wait to get Christmas over with and get the new year started. This year couldn't possibly be as bad as the end of last year, right? The jury is still out. This winter has been very hard on all of us, especially Jim. I hope the weather gets better very soon so that we can put some food in the ground and get going on the things that make us happy.

I am knitting, though. That's a constant. I finished four projects last week! I started a new project today - a design by my friend Lobug of Lobug Designs. She is awesome and I can't wait to really get into this cowl. I also started a counted cross stitch project. It's (hopefully) going to be a Christmas gift for Elias. Therefore, it must remain a secret. Shhh!

Henry has become a completely crazy three year old. He loves dinosaurs, Little Critter and the marble run. He eats like a horse and is as big as a four year old. He's also my sweet little baby who just melts my heart. Thank God for little Henry.

Jacob and Elias are growing into fine young men. I can't believe that Jacob will be 15! Eeek! Time flies. For all of you with wee little ones, enjoy every single day with them. Time passes so quickly, and then their voices change and they have little mustaches and they are grown up. It's like the "Love You Forever" book that just makes me sob buckets thinking about it.

Anna is a sweet young lady who loves reading, horses and reading about horses. She also paints, writes and plays a mean game of Battleship. She's going to give boys a run for their money, for sure!

Then, there is Noah. He is amazing! He is doing such awesome work for school. He is doing late 3rd grade math, reads on a 4th grade level, is a really good speller and loves anything to do with animals. He's also very quick-witted and funny. I couldn't be happier that we are homeschooling him. I don't think he ever would have grown as much as he has if he had gone to school.

There. All caught up. Now, if I can remember to do this a little more often, we'll be in business.

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